Zoom Patchouli & Calendula Soap Herbal Infused Cold Process Soaps 4 oz
Zoom Patchouli & Calendula Soap Herbal Infused Cold Process Soaps 4 oz
Zoom Patchouli & Calendula Soap Herbal Infused Cold Process Soaps 4 oz

Patchouli & Calendula Soap Herbal Infused Cold Process Soaps 4 oz

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Patchouli & Calendula Soap is formulated using saponified olive, coconut, patchouli essential oil, calendula* extract and petals. This soap is a HBFG family favorite. Calendula extract is known to soothe daily skin damage and build up a healthy resilient epidermis and paired with patchouli's grounding scent make this soap just earthy enough, while still being clean.

Ingredients: saponified olive, coconut, patchouli essential oil, calendula extract and petals

All information provided regarding herbs and their uses, energetics, and benefits are intended to guide toward further personal research. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

What is present when we buy a handmade product?

Let’s start with what is present when you buy from a large company: production machines instead of hands, preservatives, unpronounceable chemicals, mass distribution, and years-long wait on the shelves of the chain store before even being purchased by you. Or, hopefully, not you.

When you buy a handmade product the absence of things is just as important as what is present in your product. When you buy handmade from HBFG there are no chemicals, there is no years long shelflife, there is a very small carbon footprint I work hard to offset, there is no country-wide marketing campaign. It’s just me, slowly but diligently finding ways to replace products I can’t ethically support myself due to the lack of company responsibility for their ingredient choices, animal testing methods, packaging materials (plastics), and workplace conditions.

The products I make are simple because only what is needed is included. I happily research and develop each product myself, using safe, natural, and lovingly grown ingredients. I make each product with my two hands from beginning to labeling, packing and shipping. The only other part is you! We are in this together. The making and supporting, the dream and the fulfillment.

The products are made to be used, not to sit in your bathroom for 20 years like that bottle of CK1 I begged my mom for in 1992 (literally still in her bathroom). These are not your shell-shaped guest soaps that only get used when company comes. These are your everyday items and their destiny once they are made by me is to be used by you, daily, until you need a refill or a replacement. I use packaging that is universally recyclable, but more importantly its infinitely reusable! Peel that label and use your tin to put purse snacks in, use your jar to fill up at the bulk section of your local co-op, use your bottle to make your own salad dressing.

We are all in this together and our daily choices matter.

Thank you for choosing me.

I make my products in small batches which allows me to have personal time with each and every product. It also guarantees that the products are made recently, using the freshest ingredients. This helps me to avoid using toxic preservatives and long shelf lives. What you buy is always going to be in its best season ready to be used by you.

Patchouli & Calendula Soap Herbal Infused Cold Process Soaps 4 oz




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