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Clearing Skincare Line Bundle

Clearing Skincare Line Bundle

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These products are designed to work together to aid in the prevention and recovery of acne prone skin. They provide daily and gentle exfoliation, bacteria clearing, plant based toning, balancing and nourishing infused oils, and probiotic spot (or all over) treatment. First, use the Facewash Powder, follow up with the Hydrosol Tonic, and apply the Face Oil while your skin is still damp. Mix the Hydrosol and Probiotic mask as a spot treatment 1x week or as often as you like as a spot treatment. When you purchase the line as a group you receive a 15% discount on the cost, saving you $11. 


Facewash Powder with Tea Tree 4 oz

This soothing face wash powder is pH balanced, gently exfoliating, and packs its own astringent. Works well for all skin types, especially acne-prone or sensitive.

Ingredients: almond flour, cornstarch, rose hip powder, micro grain baking soda, bentonite clay, tea tree oil, calendula extract

Instructions: use 1 tsp face powder and blend with honey or water until paste-like. Apply to damp face and work in a circular motion. Works well with any face brush. Rise and pat dry. Can be used as a gentle mask, if desired.

Hydrosol Face Tonic Prone Formula (soothing/purifying) 4 oz

This unique blend of steam distilled organic hydrosols delivers nourishing and clearing plant aspects which can heal, revitalize, and transform the skin. Spray on face and neck directly following cleansing, prior to using a face oil. Can be combined with HBFG Clearing Clay Mask for an excellent full facial mask or spot treatment, used as a soothing pre-bedtime pillow spray, or as a skin perk-me-up during the day.

Ingredients: (all organic) Witch Hazel, Chickweed, Tea Tree, Neem, Chamomile, Yarrow, and Dandelion hydrosols, preserved with moisturizing broad spectrum GSB

White tea + Yarrow with Fennel Face Oil (calming/clearing) 1 oz

HBFG White tea + Yarrow face oil is formulated to purify and soothe acne-prone or sensitive skin. This face oil contains non-comedogenic oils infused with antioxidant rich white tea and antibacterial herbs and seed extracts.

Ingredients: Shu mee white tea* and Yarrow leaf* infused Apricot Kernel oil, Black Cumin Seed oil*, Fennel oil*, Neem oil*, and Pumpkin Seed oil*

Probiotic Clearing Clay Mask 1 oz

This mask contains a specific blend of adaptogenic herbs, antibacterial herbs, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and clays. They are combined to help nourish, heal, cleanse and repair troubled skin. 

Ingredients: French Green Clay, Bentonite Clay, Ashwaghanda, Neem, Olive Leaf, Witch Hazel, Plantain, Rosehip, Aritha (soapnut) powder, probiotics

Instructions: Place a few sprays of HBFG Hydrosol Facial Tonic or water in the palm of your hand and add a small amount of mask, mixing until a medium thin paste is obtained. Apply to troubled areas (or allover) and allow mask to rest on skin until barely dry and wash off, never allowing mask to dry completely as this can damage skin creating further irritation. Use as often as desired from 1-2x day until area is clear to weekly for prevention and maintenance of lovely skin.


All information provided regarding herbs and their uses, energetics, and benefits are intended to guide toward further personal research. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.